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Thanks and Enjoy! Joe
6/5/2009 11:17:09 am

Cool Pics !!

Meelis Sei
6/5/2009 07:13:21 pm

Hey Joe
Hope you having a good time there in the HQ. I think it s very good idea to do this kind of blog. Pictures are good and website is nice and easy nothing complicated. Maybe after the HQ you come to london and stay here for a while ;)

6/6/2009 02:25:32 pm

Hi Joe,

It's really good to see you. The picts are great and the website looks professionally done. I'll be checking back with you.

Thanks for the website.

6/9/2009 08:11:16 am

Joe: Hope you actually get this. I haven't worked on a blog before. I need your email address.

Jackie McK

6/9/2009 04:14:24 pm


i thought i was going to be the first one to leave a line here! but no...I'm disappointed now-.-

LOL.just kidding.

well done, joe and I love the picture of the truck .

chat soon. :-)


6/14/2009 06:51:05 pm

Hi Joe!!! You look great! Wow! Everyone looks great!!!!! I'm so so so happy to see everyone doing so well. And the website is very well done. Say hi to everyone for me!

Jung Un Song
6/23/2009 01:48:40 am

I see familiar names above. :)

By the way Joe, where is your contacts. I can't see it on your website...

I liked the videos and new pictures. Good stuff !!

See ya

6/27/2009 11:20:55 am

hi joe
how are you?
you're taking care of yourself right?
still go to the sauna every night?
i miss you and i wait every saturday hoping you'll come (being clingy lol)
and i know that everyone has already said but the pics are great so are the videos
do you have a lot of people visitng your blog?
if there isn't i'll tell everyone i know that's got a computer to visit ^^
well i gotta go
take care of yourself

6/27/2009 04:56:51 pm

Hi Joe!

Your blog is awesomeeee!!!
It's such a great idea to share your true life and true thoughts with others by opening your own blog. It would help english-speakers who first meet Maum Meditation to understand the meditation better.

Anyways! How have you been? Is your health getting better?
I just passed lv.5, so now I am in lv.6.
I came home for a week to bring some summer clothings and other stuffs.

I just wanted to say hi to you!
I should have ja jang myun tonight. The ja jang myun in your video looks so yam....

Big Hugs for Joe,
Love Michelle

7/4/2009 08:19:49 pm

Hi Joe,
Was great to see you on Saturday at the HQ, Carol says Hi too! We have just had a Sunday night feast on rice (that's me) carol had everything.

Hope to see you again soon before I head back to Perth and see our very own special new centre!

Universe Love,

7/15/2009 03:17:42 pm

Brother Joe!

I can't thank you enough for doing the translation work.

It is so exiting to read your blogs and see the pictures and hear about what's happening at Cham Publishing.

It makes me want to go back to see all of my friends there.

We miss you back home though, so can't wait to see you!

PS-I know I thanked you a million times already, but thanks again for helping to convice me to go to Korea when I did.
It was a magical experience.



Jerry Click <RevJerry>
10/26/2009 03:11:40 pm

Hi there! looks like all is well with you.
Jerry Click

10/29/2009 02:42:41 am

Hello Joe!
I was told about this blog from Krasi and it's so great to see updates from you through this blog :)
I'm back in Toronto and I've started meditating again since last week.
I'm reviewing level 2 currently since I took a little break.

Hope all goes well and I hope we could keep in touch!

heejae :D
2/10/2010 06:48:35 am

G'day mate! Love pics from the lotte world. Something amusing is happening here too. Thank you for sharing. Love ya~ :^D

7/20/2010 01:16:15 pm

hi Joe!
I love your pictures of meditation center.
I've seen you couple of times in the center. If I see you again someday,
I would say hi to you!

5/21/2012 08:15:06 am

Hi Joe!

I just found our website and has so much fun just watching your photos !!

Thank you so much!! ♥♥♥♥


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