Just 6 days left! Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the knee doctor and got shots in both knees. It felt like someone driving a wedge between my bones! Got home and iced them down like the doctor said and everything was OK.
     Dr. Meeks and Ella, his assistant, have been so nice and understanding with me. The were both very attentive and responsive when I needed anything. In fact everyone in their office has been most helpful. I am so grateful to them and the universe for sending me there.
As long as I'm handing out thanks I want to thank the people at the Fenway Community Health Clinic. Jerry Feuer and all the staff members there have bent over backwards to help me with all my health issues.
     Without all these people and doctors this trip to Korea would not be possible. Thanks again to everyone!
     By the way I got a Skype number to call home while I'm in Korea. For $27 a year I got unlimited calling to US and Canada. For another $30 a year I got a number that anyone can call me while I'm in Korea. You would be charged as if you were calling here at Arlington, MA. Of course if you are a Skype user you can call me for free anyway. My Skype nickname is joe.gattis (that's joeDOTgattis). The phone number to call me is 339-368-6168.  If I am not online you will get my voicemail. Please leave your name and number and I will call back as soon as I can. Remember that there is a PLUS 13 hour time difference between the Massachsetts and Korea, or PLUS 12 hours between Alabama and Korea. That means if it is 5:00pm here in Boston then it will be 6:00am the next day in Korea.
Final Note: I am going to have a yard sale here at the center in Arlington Saturday starting about 8:00am. I need to sell off some stuff and also raise a little cash to use on the trip. So everyone come by and visit a while! The address is 48 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA

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