Saturday May 30

     Today is bright and sunny but on the cool side. I met Rod when I went to get some coffee this morning. We had a nice talk about the classes here and how things have changed over the years.     

      One thing that has never changed is the teaching about having judgments or fixed ideas in our mind. We live in a world in our mind that we created by these fixed ideas of what things are, how they should be and what is right or wrong. We have troubles and burdens because the real or true world does not conform to our fixed ideas of what it should be. We get rid of our burdens and troubles in life by getting rid of these fixed ideas or judgments. That is what Maum Meditation is all about. Cleansing the mind and living free in the real and true world.
     In the little shop we have here I found a jar of instant coffee and a travel mug. I can get hot water from the water fountain and so now Rod and I (and anyone else of course) can have a big cup of coffee in the morning. Wow! Things sure have changed since 2003. They also have put up signs in Korean and English so foreigners can get around better. Come on everyone! It’s a lot easier now than it used to be! Hugs, Joe

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