This is the first full day in HQ. Yesterday was very hot, but today has been fairly pleasant. Last night I sat in on the Level 4 lecture with the other foreigner students, Pralima (from Nepal by way of Boston) and Rod from Las Vegas. The lecture was given by Mr. Park my old Level 2 instructor.
     He read from one of Woo Myung’s books about the false mind and true mind. Then he explained about the false mind and how it is just a copy of the true world. We must get rid of the false mind in order to return to the origin and then we can be reborn with the true mind and live in the true world.

Rod and I talked quite a bit and met again this morning at breakfast. Both Rod and Pralima are doing quite well in their studies here. I also met Michelle, a Korean student that attended the Boston Center. It is good to see her again and I’m sure she will go all the way with Maum Meditation.

Today I have rested a lot and am regaining my strength. Everyone here is so very helpful and I really appreciate all those who made this trip possible.

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