Had several requests for the pancake recipe I use, so here it is in all its buttermilk glory!!

After promising to post more on here I went a full year without posting anything! I can't believe I did that! And especially this year because so much has happened. Trips to Japan, so many new students coming and going, my niece is coming soon to teach English here, and a new phone and new oven and lots of new recipes to talk about. I hereby resolve not to repeat any of last year's posts. (Easy, there weren't any!)

So look for some newer stuff soon, and this time I promise to keep my promise and post more here!

We have had a lot of cold temperatures here in South Korea this year, and although there has not been a lot of snow at one time, it has snowed many more times than usual. I told the students that to stay warm they should just break off a piece of the fire and put it in their pocket! Yes, it feels that cold!

Well, I'll put some new recipes on here before I leave for Japan, and maybe some new pics too. When I return I will post some new pics from Japan and maybe even a new video.

Hugs to all, and to all a Happy New Year!!