Today is Lunar New Year's Day!! This is the year of the Tiger, or in Korea they are sayoing the year of the White Tiger because one of the zoos near here is promoting their white tiger, lol!

     Everyone has gone to their parent's home or their ancesterial homes to celebrate and spend the day eating and laughing and having a good time. 

     I wish the best in this new year to come for all my friends and supporters who help me to accomplish myu goals here, and for all those who continuously encourage me in my mission.

     And I also say thank you to all my wonderful readers and followers for your continued support in this new year.

     Thanks, Hugs and Grrrrrr!
Just a quick note to let everyone know that Yes, we did have an earthquake in Seoul, or rather, near Seoul. As far as I can tell it just rattled some windows, shook a few buildings and nothing more. I felt the bed I was sitting on move like someone was shaking it, but nothing else. 
Have fun and Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!
Last Saturday, Jan 31, I went to Lotte World, one of the world's largest indoor amusement parks. I got there late in the day and just as I came up the escalator the parade started. 

I managed to ride a few rides, see a few shows, and then there was the parade at night! Wow! sparkles and lights on all the costumes! Look at the pics on my Photos page and I'll have a video up soon.