The tickets have been bought and the date is now set in stone. I will be leaving for Korea on May 19th and arrive in Seoul on May 20th just in time for a late supper. Or maybe a long trip to the sauna! lol!


The doctors gave the final approvals for me to go to Korea. Picked up all my meds to take with me and surprisingly it wasn't as big a pile as I thought it would be, lol.
 I will be planning to make the trip around May 20th. Exact date to be set when I purchase the tickets. Now I start the process of weeding out what to take, what to store and what to trash.
I also have to get a new visa for Korea so that means a new pic and two trips to the Consulate.


The doctors have said it will be ok for me to travel. They can give me the medicine I need in advance. I just need to get the results from some more tests to be sure.
All I need now is to finish the physical therapy on my knees and build my strength back up some.


Sunday we had a celebration for the birthdays and up-leveling of the students. It ws a good time and lots of food. Good speeches from the students and all are working so hard to become the truth. Keep it up guys!


You can always reach me thru my e-mail address or the Boston Maum Center. If you need one of these addresses or phone numbers then contact me before I leave. (No date set yet, coming soon!)
I will get a Skype account that will allow me to cal landlines or cellphones in USA for free. Actually it will cost $6 a month to call over the computer, but that is almost free!


I am begining to make preparations to go to South Korea for Maum Meditation. I hope to keep this blog up to date with all my doings so that everyone can keep up with my travels.
The plan is for me to go to Seoul and translate some of Woo Myung's books at the Cham Publishing Co. Then later go to the main center in Nonsan.