Living near the mountain and the temple means every weekend hikers come from all over the country. They stop at the temple sometimes and take pictures and make prayers. Today it is cold and foggy, so everyone is moving quickly trying to stay warm!
I am beta testing a new mobile app for Webbly, the host for my blogsite. Hopefully I can post a lot more now. Hugs to all!
In all the excitement of the move and reopening the Breakfast Bar, I completely forgot to officially welcome my Great Niece Amber to South Korea! Not only is she my great niece, but she is also my niece who is Great!!

Amber came to  South Korea March 25 to teach English in a school in Daejeon, across the mountain and about an hour drive from where I live.

I met her at the airport and we spent the night in Bupyeong in Incheon. The next morning we took the bus down to Daejeon and her school picked us up and showed us around the place. She has a really nice school and the people she works with were very nice to us.

All in all, I think she likes it here. Once she gets settled in we'll do some sight seeing around the area. Although she seems to be doing pretty good in that department anyway!