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Late Saturday Night – Param (The Wind)

     The HQ is on a plateau in a valley with the majestic Mount Gyeryong for a backdrop. The wind blows pretty often and the pine trees are twisted like giant bonsai trees. Every weekend people come in from all over Korea to meditate. Around dinner time between 500 and 1000 people come to meditate and be in this peaceful yet energy recharging place. Today was another homecoming for me because so many more people I know came in for the weekend. There were friends from New York and Atlanta as well as friends from here. My friends and the other s here for the weekend will leave sometime Sunday to go home. They just blow in and blow out like the wind so we call them param, the wind.

     It is time for the pear trees to be bagged and yesterday Rod went out to the orchards with other students and did just that. The Asian Pear grown here are wonderful and SO juicy, but they need to be protected from insects and birds. A yellow paper bag is placed over each individual fruit and tied on to the stem. The pear grows inside the bag and also never gets sunburned. This is what gives them their delicate golden color.

    When picking season begins later in the year there is always a bountiful harvest and the pears from the Nonsan valley are considered the best. I know because I ate 15 one day many years ago. See, when we picked them if they had a bad spot we could eat them. :D  I found 15 one day, haha.


Saturday May 30

     Today is bright and sunny but on the cool side. I met Rod when I went to get some coffee this morning. We had a nice talk about the classes here and how things have changed over the years.     

      One thing that has never changed is the teaching about having judgments or fixed ideas in our mind. We live in a world in our mind that we created by these fixed ideas of what things are, how they should be and what is right or wrong. We have troubles and burdens because the real or true world does not conform to our fixed ideas of what it should be. We get rid of our burdens and troubles in life by getting rid of these fixed ideas or judgments. That is what Maum Meditation is all about. Cleansing the mind and living free in the real and true world.
     In the little shop we have here I found a jar of instant coffee and a travel mug. I can get hot water from the water fountain and so now Rod and I (and anyone else of course) can have a big cup of coffee in the morning. Wow! Things sure have changed since 2003. They also have put up signs in Korean and English so foreigners can get around better. Come on everyone! It’s a lot easier now than it used to be! Hugs, Joe


     This is the first full day in HQ. Yesterday was very hot, but today has been fairly pleasant. Last night I sat in on the Level 4 lecture with the other foreigner students, Pralima (from Nepal by way of Boston) and Rod from Las Vegas. The lecture was given by Mr. Park my old Level 2 instructor.
     He read from one of Woo Myung’s books about the false mind and true mind. Then he explained about the false mind and how it is just a copy of the true world. We must get rid of the false mind in order to return to the origin and then we can be reborn with the true mind and live in the true world.

Rod and I talked quite a bit and met again this morning at breakfast. Both Rod and Pralima are doing quite well in their studies here. I also met Michelle, a Korean student that attended the Boston Center. It is good to see her again and I’m sure she will go all the way with Maum Meditation.

Today I have rested a lot and am regaining my strength. Everyone here is so very helpful and I really appreciate all those who made this trip possible.


     Finally! I made it! The flight was long and tiring, but I got here. No real problems in travel. I breezed thru cutoms and immigration with out any problems and was met by the Cham Publishing team.  Had a supper and got to bed to rest.

     Today I will go to Nonsan, HQ, for about 10 days to rest, recuperate, and meditate. The mountain air and good energy  there will help me alot. While I'm there I may not be on the internet, but when I get back to Seoul I'll have lots of pictures to post and things to tell all of you. 
     So I'll be back as soon as I can and Thanks again for everyone's support and help!


     One more day and I leave for Seoul, Korea. 
     One more day to say goodbye to all my friends here in Boston. 
     One more day to see the Canadian Geese walking in the parks.
     One more day to hear the sea gulls cry.
     One more day to say Thank You to everyone for their help and support.
     One more day before I go to the place where the Truth is taught.
     One more day before I can help others again.
     One more day, just 24 hours, and I'll be where the mountains sprout from the valleys like sugarloafs.
     Where the rivers run wide and deep.
     Where the people smile and bow.
     Where the same sky is over all, and Truth is taught.

Hugs, Joe


     I added an RSS feed for those of you who wish to use it. Just look over to your right where it says RSS Feed. 

     It is Sunday morning here in Boston and it is treatening to rain and have thunderstorms. I remember an instructor at HQ asking me why the rain was such a good thing. I said because it nurtures and feeds the earth.  His reply was no, it is good because it keeps the students indoors so they can meditate more.

     Woo Myung once said that the whole purpose for man to be here is to return to the origin. You cannot do that without cleansing your mind of everything that has happened since you left the origin. The more meditation you do the more you will become closer to the origin.

     So go and meditate! It is a rainy day, why waste time in front of the computer or TV? If you meditate you will still be sitting down, lol. 

     Hugs, Joe


     Got my visa and I'm getting the last things ready to go. You know all the things you get on the plane and go "oops!" about, lol

     Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!


The Korean Embassy said they would have my visa ready Friday, so all is well!! (so far, lol)


     After all the preparations and effort there was a mix-up with my travel plans. Turns out you must have either a return ticket or a visa to go to Korea. I had neither. 

     So the airlines moved my flight to next Tuesday May 26th to give me time to get my visa or return ticket. For the next week I will be living out of my suitcase just like I was traveling, lol. It does give me some more time to regain my strength and get rested for the long trip to come.  Thanks again to every one for their patience and support!


     It is 4:45 and I'm finishing my bowl of ceral and cup of coffee as I type. In 4 hours I will be in the air and on my way for the second trip to Korea.

     In all the yard sale brought in about $150 which is enough to pay for the travel expenses going over there and leave me a little when  get there. I also found 2 5,000 Won notes. Yeah! I'm rich!! LOL.

Thanks agian to everyone who has supported me over the years. I know I have not always been your ideal guide, but then should you have a standard for a guide? If you do then you should be throwing that away because that is just more mind that keeps you from the Truth.

Have a great day everyone and keep subtracting to cleanse your mind!  See You Soon In Korea!!!