What a month it has been! I spent most of the month working in the sorting and counting area. There we sort beans as to quality and sesame leaves as to quality, size and shape. These products are used in our cafeteria with the best qualities going to market to be sold.
     The sesame leaves are something! they have a wonderful sage-mint taste and I am dying to try some recipes with them including an idea I have for drying and sprinkling over rice and a wonderful sausage and a baked chicken covered and stuffed with the leaves. 
     The meditations have been wonderful, with the field meditation being very productive. To do this we meditate as we are doing the work. This results in cleaning the body as well as the mind. If you are lucky you can also get to eat some really good fruit when it comes time to pick it, haha! 
     The weather is turning in towards the rainy season, and the rice paddies are filling up. Already you can see the green shoots sticking up. It won't be long before fall comes and the heavy laden heads are bent over with their golden kernels. 
     After the month working I went to Seoul for a few days. It took two tries, but I got my Korean Driver's License! I had to take an eye test and a color blindness test. Then I got the dreaded written test. I didn't know this the first time I went in and was not prepared. I failed getting only 9 out of 20 questions right. You needed 12 to pass. At the cashiers I was able to buy a drivers manual and the sped read it that night. The next day I went back and got 13 right!!! Yeah!!! Just one more than needed made me a legal driver. Now to get a scooter and back roads here I come! Lots of pictures for you guys then. Perhaps I will make some photo books for you guys to order. Would you like that?
     Anyway, I will be posting some pictures soon of my last month. Not much available, but I think you will like them.