Here we go! The spring has been a short break between the cold and the hot. A few weeks of cool weather was wonderful, but summer will soon be here in full force. Right now we are having warm days and cool evenings with some rain thrown in to make it interesting. 

The pollen has stopped and the yellow sand has blown thru, So the air is nice and clean and I can start getting out on my scooter again and taking some pictures for you. The valley is beautiful and green, the rice paddies have been planted and the mountain is green again. Such a beautiful valley I live in. Wish you could come here and see it for yourself!

I'll add some more recipes in the next few days, got some cool things I've come up with. Next week I'm gonna try my hand at making sausages with Korean ingredients. There are no real Korean sausages out there, other than soondae, which is pig intestines stuffed with noodles and some meats. It is actually quite good, but I'm going for more a fusion type thing. I'm thinking a Ginger-Sesame Oil-Garlic Pork sausage and a Mountain Berry Wine-Garlic Beef sausage for starters. Stay Tuned!