Tonight we went to a local restaurant that makes their noodle fresh by hand when you order them. We all had ja ja myung which is a black bean sauce with bits or pork and onions. It is one of my favorite dishes and I first discovered it in Atlanta over 10 years ago. Since then I have eaten ja ja myung in many cites and places, but I can tell you that the noodles made in this shop and the ja ja myung are the best I have ever eaten! They were fantastic!
     They gave me permission to make a video of the chef making the noodles and let me tell you it is amazing! I have seen this many times, but was never allowed tomake a video. Click over to the video page and watch "3 Minute Noodles."
     First the helper throws a little flour on the table, then a lump of dough is rolled out into a long rope. Through a series of stretching and folding the chef creates noodles of uniform size and shape. Be sure to watch him spin the noodles at the end. Then he holds them up to show you just how many he makes at one time. Amazing!!


Today i found a Twix candy bar and waited till after i paid for it to devour it. 
There is a God and He loves me!!!


I finally got some new pics posted. These are from last Sunday, June 14 when Rod, Pralima and Carol came to visit after Rod and Pralima passed Level 4. Peter, a friend of Pralima's, took us on a tour of Ilsan, a popular shopping district. Along the way we stopped and had a snack and something to drink.
Carol has been such a help to us. She has been there to translate for us and she was so helpfull when i was at my weakest and had trouble getting around and getting things the first week I was here. I can't thank her enough. But thanks again Carol!


I just want to give you an idea of what it is like to be working in a place where everyone has done Maum Meditation.

Everymonth this group that i am working with produces a magazione of about 150 pages in addition to all the other publications for Maum Meditation. As you can imagine things get kinda hectic around the deadline date.

Yet I have never seen anyone getting stressed out, angry or upset with anyone. Everyone just works together with one mind to get the job done. If there is a mistake there is no whining, no arguing, no stressing out. Everyone just accepts things and keeps going. Myung Po and I sit here in the corner out of the way and work on the translations and anything thing else that needs to be done in English. Suddenly someone will bring a snack, fruit or a cookie, or a drink. The housekeeper will cook lunch and dinner, and afterwards one of us will get up and start washing dishes. If something drops on the floor, someone cleans it up, no questions asked, no complaints.

Can you imagine your work like this? Things would get done so much more effeciently when no one is blaming others for their mistakes, no one is complaining about things, and no one hesitates to help others.

I was just brought a cup of coffee (it is about 9:30am as I write this) and also a cup of juice so I would have something hot and something cold to drink. Everyone is thankful and happy to help. Everyone here has one mind about doing things. Everyone is just helping others with no selfishness. 

Wouldn't it be wonderfull if the whole world was like this?


     The newest book in English by Woo Myung is out! "The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living" is on its way to local centers and will soon be available on Amazon. Check the local center for availability.     If you don't already have "World Beyond World" then you can get it and read it while you are waiting for "The Way."
     To give you an idea of what we do here at the publishing company our day starts about 9:00am and continues all day until 1:00am or later. Every month the people here publish a magazine that is rated #1 best selling magazine here in Korea. It is a beautifully produced magazone in full color with absolutly gorgeous pictures in it. One of my goals here is to make something similar for Americans.
     Myung Po (my translator) and myself work at a seperate desk and our whole focus is the new book. She translates a few liines while I type and then we go over them to make them easily understanble and clear. Our goal is to make the meaning abundantly clear and it can get to be difficult.
     Yesterday we spent 45 minutes working on 4 lines or poetry making them simple and clear. A total of about 20-30 words that sum up the truth in the universe and why we must become it. You can understand why it takes so long to do a book of over 400 pages! And then the book is gone over with a fine tooth comb about 30 times more for mistakes and corrections.
     But if you guys will promise to read them it is worth it!, lol!
hugs, Joe

ps: next time i will talk about the saunas here. Incredible!!!!!


Hop over tio the video page to watch Rod and Pralima talk about their experiences in Maum Meditation! MOre pics and updates to come tomorrow!


Just in! Rod and Pralima passed Level 4!!!

This is great news because level 4 is the halfway point of Maum Meditation. When you pass this level you have awakend to the true nature of the universe and your mind is clean enough that life becomes even more full of joy and peace. 

They will be visiting this weekend and I will try to make some pictures and even try for a video of them.

Congrats again Rod and Pralima!!!


Sorry this took so long, but there were over 100 pics to go thru and edit. I also didn't get the captions on. We are so busy here at the publishing company! Thanks and Hugs.


Tuesday, June 8
          I made it back to Seoul Sunday and the trip was nice. There wasn’t too much traffic but it was a little rainy so we took it slow. Still we made the trip in just under 3 hours which is really quite good. I only took one picture this time of an incredibly overloaded truck. Just after the pic was taken we went into a tunnel and all of us were just waiting for the top of the load to come flying back at us but he made it! Must have only bee about 3 feet between him and the ceiling! Go take a look at it on the picture page.

          Monday I got settled in and started updating my computer and getting everything ready and in English, lol. I’m preparing English wording for the poster for the new book “The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living,” and keywords for the English website and also started on the next book (title to be decided yet, sorry).

          I have begun reading “The Way…” and I can tell you it is incredible. Woo Myung really lays it on the line about what we should do and why we should do it. Just to clean out the mind and get some peace is well worth the effort of this meditation, but to realize all the things that can happen to you is just the start of it. This book has some amazing guidelines to live by and to meditate on (Maum Meditation). On the surface it is the same message, but as you clean your mind and become more open to the universe you will see the depth of this book and really begin to appreciate it’s truth.

          We went for a walk yesterday and took lunch at a small café nearby. They had a great ham sandwich with cheese and maybe the best cup of coffee I’ve had in Korea. Afterwards we went to a small store around the corner form here and I looked over what was available. It won’t be any problem finding and making the foods that I like and I hope everyone else here will too. I do have to watch the sodium and I do have to lose weight. The former will be a problem, the latter will not because the basic diet here is low fat and you have to walk almost everywhere.

          Well it’s about 6:30am and I have to get ready for work soon. Before I start I have to do my therapy exercises and get cleaned up. It was funny when I did the exercises in HQ because one of the ladies came in and was helping me with ice packs and snacks and stuff. She taught me to count in Korean so now you hear me going : Il, I, Sam, Sa, O, Yuuk, Chill, Pael, Gu, Ship. I’ll get back to you with a video on the pronunciation, lol. Of course there is a few grunts and groans around Pael, Gu, and Ship, but I’m getting there. I can now take the steps one over the other, not one at a time. It is still slow though, lol!

Hugs for now, Joe


     Saturday is the busiest day of the week around here. New classes begin today and everyone is either registering and getting their room or they are changing levels and getting a new room closer to their new classroom or they are finishing and leaving. Add to that all the people coming in as Param (the wind) who blow in on Saturday and blow out on Sunday and you can see why it is so busy.

          This morning all the foreign students were given a tour of the area. (Pictures coming soon!) After breakfast we went first to Buyeo, a small city near here. We visited a beautiful park with an artificial lake which was built by hand for the beloved queen of a king.

          Then we went to Gongju and saw some tombs from about 500 AD that were accidently discovered in 1971. These tombs had not been invaded by robbers and were intact. The main tomb contained over 2000 funerary objects. The actual tombs are closed to the public, but they have built recreations of the tombs which are lined with thousands of handmade bricks and have domed ceilings.

After that we stopped by the local center and met some of the people there and had some tea and fruit.

          Our last stop was a luncheon at the Maum Meditation restaurant. We had beef and pork gal-bi, a Korean barbecue made over hot coals right at your table. Of course it came with about 10 side dishes to eat with the meat. Using several different kinds of greens we wrapped the meat with some condiments into a bundle and popped them into our mouth. So Good!!!! Then we had a choice of hot rice or cold noodles. It was a hot day so I got the cold noodles. They are a thin noodle served in a cold (with ice floating in it!) broth containing the noodles, sesame seeds, half a boiled egg, some pickled ginger and a slice of Asian pear. To this you add some vinegar and/or some hot thin mustard and it is delicious!!!

          Then we went back to the center and everyone started moving around and settling in. Classes started after supper and that was our big day.

          The first level students from Australia got an orientation class that everyone hears. It talks about the basics of Maum Meditation. How we take a copy of the real world and hold that in our mind. Then we accept that copy as the reality when it is only a copy and not real. Maum Meditation is all about cleansing that copy from our mind so we can see and accept the true reality.

Hugs everyone, Joe