Koreans love festivals! Seems like there is one somewhere every weekend. On June 12th My friends Chan Bak, John Hope, and I visited Bupyeong, a section of Incheon, where they had a street festival with lots of traditional performances, music, vendors of all kinds, and food! food! food!

When we arrived about 10:00am we were greeted by a group of seniors who promptly offered us Mokguelli, the old fashioned rice wine that is rapidly coming into fashion around the better tables in Seoul and the world.

We watched some of the seniors play a game on a large board, perhaps 5 meters square, with large and small tree stumps as the playing pieces. It is truly an old guy's game as the two man teams would walk around the board studying the pieces until one of them would tap a piece and another spot on the board to move it to. Then a young man would run out onto the board, pick up the piece (which if it was a big one weighed perhaps 80 pounds!) and lug it over to the new spot on the board. And all of this in the summer heat! Wow! It's good to be a senior in Korea!! LOL!

We strolled around the area, some 5 BIG city blocks long, stopping at different vendors, examining their wares. Occasionally we stopped to test the traditional drums or instruments. John bought a nice drumstick for his own drums set back home in England. We also picked up some "good luck" stamps, and John tried his hand a Korean calligraphy. 

During the day there were several performances by high school groups doing the traditional dances and playing traditional Korean music. I will post some videos of this soon.

When lunch rolled around we stopped under a tent and had roasted pork with several side dishes and some more Mokguelli, but this was a real traditional type served in a bowl with a dipper and smaller bowls to drink from. Delicious! 

John was leaving for home Thursday and wanted to see some of Seoul before he left. So we went into town and showed him where to stay, some interesting things to do and set him up in a hotel room. The next morning we said our good byes and Chan Bak went to work and I returned to Nonsan and home. 

As they say a great time was had by all! Look for some pics and a videos on the p