Jung Dae, one of the people here at the publishing company recently went with Woo Myung, the founder of Maum Meditation, and a group of people to South Africa, Paraguay and Argentina to open some new centers. During the trip they visited Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. He was kind enough to allow me to post some of his pictures for all of you to see. 

Thanks, Jung Dae!


This is for all of Robbie's friends that don't believe he has an uncle in South Korea. Well, he does. ^^


I just added some buttons for Facebook and StumbleUpon to this page, the photo page, and the video page. When you click on these buttons you will let others know about and help make it more popular. Thanks!


     So much has happened since I was last on here! I made a trip to the big farmer's market in Seoul near the World Cup Stadium, a trip to Deoksugung Palace in downtown Seoul, and I went to HQ one weekend. 

     Rod has passed Level 5! He is dilligently working to complete all 7 Levels before he leaves. 

     There are 2 new students at HQ that speak English. Irene (and her 8 year old son Ignacio) and Grazzi (sorry if I spelled that wrong). Irene is from Hong Kong and will be starting frrom Level 4. Grazzi is from Canada and started Level 1 here and has commited himself to stay for 6 months to finish ALL the Levels! Way To Go Grazzi!!!

     I will be back soon with some more fun things to do in South Korea. Thanks all for the support and a BIG HUG from Joe!!