Just a note to tell everyone that I have recovered from the ankle injury. Thanks to everyone for your concern.

     On another note I just love the way Koreans use English here. They use the letters and words as design elements as we do with Chinese and Japanese characters. They also have a way with the words themselves that I find unique. For instance I posted a picture on the Photo page showing a bar that more or less captures some people's attitude towards beer. Check it out!!
     Sorry for not posting anything this week. Last weekend I went on the Seoul City Tour Bus and walked up Namsan (Nam Mountain) to the NSeoul Tower to take some pictures of Seoul for you guys. I got the pictures, then wetn to Insadong, a traditional arts district . 
     Then on Sunday I went to the Traditional Korean Village for more pictures. Somwhere in the two days I strained my ankle and it swelled up Monday. I have spent the week going to the doctor and recieving accupuncture and herbal medicine treatments.
     I'm fine now, but I have stayed pretty close to my room till I was well enough to get out again. 
     I have some fantastic pictures to show you as soon as I can upload them and I am also going to try something new! Kind of a online virtual picture tour. Look for it soon!

Hugs, Joe
     Last week I went to Home Plus. It is a huge department store with many branches around Korea. I went to the Mullae branch 3 subway stops south of where I live. 

     I had gotten my shampoo, batteries, and etc when i realized it was lunchtime. I went to the food court and looked around. 

     The menu was 4 glass cases filled with plastic food showing you what you could get. Everything was numberes and you went to the cashier, gave her a number and then waited in front oof a small kitchen area where your food was prepared until they called you number. 

     There is about 10 kitchen areas, each preparing there own special part of the menu. Take a look at the pictures and see what you would like!

     And by the way, what i got cost 6,000 Won or about $5.75! It had hand rolls with fish roe, tempura veggies and krab meat, a nice sweet and sour cold noodle soup, sweet pickled radish and garlic bulbs, a spicy pickled veggie and rice dish, and soy sauce with some wasabi. There was a lot of food and I left stuffed. I will go back!!

     The COEX shopping mall is HUGE!! Locate on the south east side of Seoul on subway line 2 from the exit at one end of the mall to the other end is about 750 meters! That is almost half a mile!

     Located there is a beutiful aquarium with aquatic life from all over the world. There is also a section on the Amazon Rainforrest.

     The highlight of the aquarium is the immense sea tank with sharks and mantas and other sea creatures. There is a glass tunnel that allows you to walk (or ride the moving sidewalk) across what is essentially the ocean floor looking up into the water world above and around you. 

     I was able to take some video of the tunnel. Look out for the eye to eye encounter with a shark at the end of the video! 
     Yes, August 10th was my birthday! The people here made sure it was a special one. In truth, it was the best birthday party I have had in years. 

I just uploaded the Birthday Pictures!

     The guys here gave a presentation telling me Happy Birthday, Another group sang songs and Eum Hee, the artist here, played the ocarina that she is learning on.

     I was given some much needed shirts and flowers and some cups plants for my desk. In the pictures you can see my Sweet Potato Ice Cream Cake. Also No Jun g made brownies, a really special treat as most Korean homes don't have ovens. 

     In the videos (on the Video Page, natch!) you can see the celebrations and my (insisted upon) modeling of the clothes. 

     Thanks to everyone here for the wonderful party. You have touched my heart in a way you can never understand.

     And Thanks also to all those who sent me Birthday Wishes online. I am really grateful to you too.

Hugs, Joe
     Hello everyone! I took a short trip back to Boston to visit my doctors for the last time before settling in here in Seoul. I'm back and have psoted some of the pictures from the trip over on the Phots page. 

     Thanks to all for their support and encouragement and I have lots of things in store for all of you. 

Hugs, Joe