Where to begin? I have spent the last two months preparing and for and traveling! In July I had a lot of things to do like renewing my Alien Registration Card, getting my International Drivers Form, scheduling my flights and just a lot of meditation!
     Then, in late July I went to Los Angeles where I spent 10 days in powerful meditation. We did 16 hours a day, broken into 2 hour sessions with time for meals and some rest. Wonderful enlightenments and super strong results. Life has become heaven for me now and the sun always shines, even in the rain.
     After Los Angeles I traveled to Boston where I met the students and saw my doctors for my knees (got a clean bill of health!) and visited old friends. Took Margie out for a meal, met her parents again and now they are doing the meditation and doing so well with it! 
     The students in Boston are doing great, Pralima (who was in LA with us) came back just before I left and we had a late dinner with Margie. Pralima will be a great help in Boston and I hope to see her next time at the meditation classes, wherever they will be held, lol!
     From there I went to Atlanta and Birmingham, where I got to visit with my Mom for just 2 days before I headed out to Dallas. There I picked up a rental car and drove down to Austin. I spent the weekend with my college buddy Doug. We went swimming in the lake and it was like swimming on the Italian Riviera where they had built homes in that style. But it was a little warm, just 111 F (44 C) !!!! That night we went to a charity event. I bought $5 worth of tickets, just to be charitable. Didn't even put the coupons in the box, but gave them to one of Doug's friend Jim and we left to get a Waffle House Pecan Waffle!!! Life is good when you can get one of those late at night.
     While we were eating, Jim called to let us know that he had put the coupons in the box for me, but didn't have any hope of winning anything. After all it was just 5 tickets and many others were buying 50 and 100. But I won the Grand Prize! A stocked picnic basket with wine and chocolate and a DVD and more!
    We met the next morning for brunch and I gave Jim the wine and fancy wine opener, Doug got the DVD, and the rest was donated back to the local charity.
     Sunday afternoon we went to the Austin Center and met some of the students and Billy, the instructor. We had met before, a long time ago, and it was good getting reacquainted. Ash was also there, and he is doing great things for the centers in America by providing graphics and posters for them. His plan is to come visit Korea next year with his youngest son. Can't wait to see you guys!
     Monday I went back to Dallas where I got to visit with Michelle, Taeho, Min, and everyone else. They are all doing great and studying hard. Mae, a level 2 student is planning to come to Korea in September (?) and stay for 6 months! That is a great way to speed your journey along. Thanks Mae!
     Tuesday, back on the plane to Birmingham to visit my Mom again and get a little rest. Picked up the last things I needed to bring back here (GRITS!!!! and Corn meal) before heading over to Atlanta with Mom to visit my brother and his family. Saturday I was able to head into town to visit the Sandy Springs center with T.J. Park and his students. 
     T.J. was here at HQ when I studied in 2003. He went to the Atlanta Center and when I arrived back there he became my assistant. Now he has the most successful American Center with around 30 students, almost all Westerners. Thanks T.J., and job well done!
     While I'm talking about Sandy Springs Center I can't fail to tell everyone that T.J. has sent 2 students to Korea this year for study. Anita will arrive here this weekend and plans to stay for 6 months, with the intent of becoming a guide. This past weekend Miriam came in from Atlanta and started her classes the same day. She has made an open ended plan to stay at least 3 months and maybe longer! She had a not so good introduction to Korea though, as it rained hard her whole first day here. Well, that is why they call it "rainy season."
     After leaving Atlanta we headed back to Birmingham where I got a chance to visit my longtime friends Jackie and Tommy. They did the meditation a few years ago in Atlanta, but were not able to return there to finish their studies. Hopefully soon there will be a center near them to study at. More on that soon. Also at the last minute my Mom's next door neighbor Jean ran in and we had a chance to visit some. Jean has been a real help to Mom and I truly appreciate her.
     Finally, on Aug 24, I headed back home to Korea by way of Los Vegas and Los Angeles. Didn't even have time to drop a quarter in the slot machine in Vegas. Guess my luck ran out with the picnic basket, lol!
     Got to Incheon Airport at 4:00am Thursday, breezed through customs and had to wait an hour for the bus. Then to Bupyoung for a rest and some long overdue nang-myun (cold buckwheat noodles), my favorite summer dish here. Since Miriam was coming on Saturday I just stayed there and rested, went to the bank and visited the new Cham Publishing location near Sangsu Station. I let them bring my large suitcase down to HQ (sorry guys, it was very heavy) and then rushed back to Bupyoung for a quick rest before I went to Unseo. 
     The airport is on an island off the coast of Korea near Seoul. It takes about an hour on the subway to get there. Since Miriam was coming in so early, and the only transportation to the airport at that time is a very expensive taxi from the mainland, I decided to spend the night at Unseo on the island and get a cheap taxi over to the airport in the morning. This worked out pretty well, except that it is an island, so everything was more expensive there. But I got there on time and all went well.
     Finally I arrived with Miriam at HQ here in Nonsan and got her signed in and went to my room at the Translation Center. In all I had been gone 32 days and been in or through 17 cities. I visited 4 Maum Meditation Centers, where I counseled and spoke to about 50 students. I cooked, cleaned, repaired and sang a song or two. Went swimming, had Mexican food in Texas, Irish food in Boston, and Southern food with my Mom and family. I shopped for clothes, toiletries and spices and kitchen tools to bring back. I saw both oceans and all the sky between. 
     But it is good to be home, good to bback at the meditation center where I can continue to clean and journey to the Truth. 
     To all those who helped me, to all those who I did not get to mention here, to all those who I met for the first time and all my old friends. To all of you I say "Thank You!" 
     Without you and your support, your kindness and and your friendship I could not be taking this journey to the Truth, I would not be the happy person that came to visit. 
     From the bottom of my heart, with all the appreciation I can muster, I humbly thank you, and I remember you always in my meditations and my prayers.