Tuesday, June 8
          I made it back to Seoul Sunday and the trip was nice. There wasn’t too much traffic but it was a little rainy so we took it slow. Still we made the trip in just under 3 hours which is really quite good. I only took one picture this time of an incredibly overloaded truck. Just after the pic was taken we went into a tunnel and all of us were just waiting for the top of the load to come flying back at us but he made it! Must have only bee about 3 feet between him and the ceiling! Go take a look at it on the picture page.

          Monday I got settled in and started updating my computer and getting everything ready and in English, lol. I’m preparing English wording for the poster for the new book “The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living,” and keywords for the English website and also started on the next book (title to be decided yet, sorry).

          I have begun reading “The Way…” and I can tell you it is incredible. Woo Myung really lays it on the line about what we should do and why we should do it. Just to clean out the mind and get some peace is well worth the effort of this meditation, but to realize all the things that can happen to you is just the start of it. This book has some amazing guidelines to live by and to meditate on (Maum Meditation). On the surface it is the same message, but as you clean your mind and become more open to the universe you will see the depth of this book and really begin to appreciate it’s truth.

          We went for a walk yesterday and took lunch at a small café nearby. They had a great ham sandwich with cheese and maybe the best cup of coffee I’ve had in Korea. Afterwards we went to a small store around the corner form here and I looked over what was available. It won’t be any problem finding and making the foods that I like and I hope everyone else here will too. I do have to watch the sodium and I do have to lose weight. The former will be a problem, the latter will not because the basic diet here is low fat and you have to walk almost everywhere.

          Well it’s about 6:30am and I have to get ready for work soon. Before I start I have to do my therapy exercises and get cleaned up. It was funny when I did the exercises in HQ because one of the ladies came in and was helping me with ice packs and snacks and stuff. She taught me to count in Korean so now you hear me going : Il, I, Sam, Sa, O, Yuuk, Chill, Pael, Gu, Ship. I’ll get back to you with a video on the pronunciation, lol. Of course there is a few grunts and groans around Pael, Gu, and Ship, but I’m getting there. I can now take the steps one over the other, not one at a time. It is still slow though, lol!

Hugs for now, Joe

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