This weekend I went to the Baekje Festival in Gongju, a celebration of one of the Three Kingdoms in Korea around 2000 years ago. The Baekje Dynasty was very highly civilized and traded with countries all around Asia including Japan, China, Russia, and many more. In 1971 the tomb of King Muryeong was accidentally discovered and  had never been robbed. It contained almost 2000 artifacts from the Baekje period which proved the high state of culture and accomplished trading that had been achieved. 
This festival celebrates this period in Korean history with a month long-two city wide festival in Gongju and Buyeo, the main cities of the Baekje Dynasty. The Pictures I posted today are from the Art Complex in Gonju. Soon I will go back and post more pictures of the parades, plays and more. Enjoy!

I also posted some more pictures of the area I live in. Fall has come and the air is crisp and cool and the sun was back out today!
Doug Bonner
9/29/2010 02:53:13 pm

I love the flowers in a row. Tell that lady with the yarn to let some air out of that hat or it'll explode!


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