Saturday is the busiest day of the week around here. New classes begin today and everyone is either registering and getting their room or they are changing levels and getting a new room closer to their new classroom or they are finishing and leaving. Add to that all the people coming in as Param (the wind) who blow in on Saturday and blow out on Sunday and you can see why it is so busy.

          This morning all the foreign students were given a tour of the area. (Pictures coming soon!) After breakfast we went first to Buyeo, a small city near here. We visited a beautiful park with an artificial lake which was built by hand for the beloved queen of a king.

          Then we went to Gongju and saw some tombs from about 500 AD that were accidently discovered in 1971. These tombs had not been invaded by robbers and were intact. The main tomb contained over 2000 funerary objects. The actual tombs are closed to the public, but they have built recreations of the tombs which are lined with thousands of handmade bricks and have domed ceilings.

After that we stopped by the local center and met some of the people there and had some tea and fruit.

          Our last stop was a luncheon at the Maum Meditation restaurant. We had beef and pork gal-bi, a Korean barbecue made over hot coals right at your table. Of course it came with about 10 side dishes to eat with the meat. Using several different kinds of greens we wrapped the meat with some condiments into a bundle and popped them into our mouth. So Good!!!! Then we had a choice of hot rice or cold noodles. It was a hot day so I got the cold noodles. They are a thin noodle served in a cold (with ice floating in it!) broth containing the noodles, sesame seeds, half a boiled egg, some pickled ginger and a slice of Asian pear. To this you add some vinegar and/or some hot thin mustard and it is delicious!!!

          Then we went back to the center and everyone started moving around and settling in. Classes started after supper and that was our big day.

          The first level students from Australia got an orientation class that everyone hears. It talks about the basics of Maum Meditation. How we take a copy of the real world and hold that in our mind. Then we accept that copy as the reality when it is only a copy and not real. Maum Meditation is all about cleansing that copy from our mind so we can see and accept the true reality.

Hugs everyone, Joe

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