Yes, August 10th was my birthday! The people here made sure it was a special one. In truth, it was the best birthday party I have had in years. 

I just uploaded the Birthday Pictures!

     The guys here gave a presentation telling me Happy Birthday, Another group sang songs and Eum Hee, the artist here, played the ocarina that she is learning on.

     I was given some much needed shirts and flowers and some cups plants for my desk. In the pictures you can see my Sweet Potato Ice Cream Cake. Also No Jun g made brownies, a really special treat as most Korean homes don't have ovens. 

     In the videos (on the Video Page, natch!) you can see the celebrations and my (insisted upon) modeling of the clothes. 

     Thanks to everyone here for the wonderful party. You have touched my heart in a way you can never understand.

     And Thanks also to all those who sent me Birthday Wishes online. I am really grateful to you too.

Hugs, Joe

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