Well I finally made it back to Nonsan Main Center near Gyeryong Montain. The air is clear and turning colder and I am getting a lot of rest and meditation.

     Rod is still here and has finished the meditation and will be heading back home to the states soon. Krassi is a student from Canada but is a Bulgarian by birth. He has been here almost all summer and is now in Level 5! Congrats!!

     There is also Sunny from Canada and Lahn from California who are both in Level 2. Way to go ladies!!

     I will be here until after Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival where everyone goes home to have a celebration and pay respect to their ancestors by cleaning the burial sites for the winter.

     I will write some more on Chuseok as the it gets closer. I will also be posting some more pictures very soon. 

Hugs to all!!!

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