Last week I went to Home Plus. It is a huge department store with many branches around Korea. I went to the Mullae branch 3 subway stops south of where I live. 

     I had gotten my shampoo, batteries, and etc when i realized it was lunchtime. I went to the food court and looked around. 

     The menu was 4 glass cases filled with plastic food showing you what you could get. Everything was numberes and you went to the cashier, gave her a number and then waited in front oof a small kitchen area where your food was prepared until they called you number. 

     There is about 10 kitchen areas, each preparing there own special part of the menu. Take a look at the pictures and see what you would like!

     And by the way, what i got cost 6,000 Won or about $5.75! It had hand rolls with fish roe, tempura veggies and krab meat, a nice sweet and sour cold noodle soup, sweet pickled radish and garlic bulbs, a spicy pickled veggie and rice dish, and soy sauce with some wasabi. There was a lot of food and I left stuffed. I will go back!!

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