Yesterday was fun. I had coffee with Rod this morning and we had a good talk about the meditation and other stuff. He is doing so well here. He is beginning to understand the enlightenments for Level 4 and is right on track. Pralima from Boston is working hard and doing very well also. Both of them will pass Level 4 in a couple of weeks. I feel certain of that.

     I walked around the campus yesterday with Robin the translator here. She and I took a lot of pictures to show you and I will begin posting them later today.  I reposted the pictures of my trip from Seoul to Nonsan with some titles so you know what you are looking at now, lol. Also I’m going to add a page of videos in the near future. I hope you will enjoy them too!

This morning Robin and I worked on translations of some forms and posters about living in the HQ. Things like when the cafeteria is open, where the washing machines are, basic stuff like that. I am thrilled to see the staff getting ready for more foreigners to come here. In fact we are expecting several people this weekend from Australia (I think, lol)

I also had an acupuncture treatment today for my knees. It relieved the pain for a while, but also I feel that my knees are different somehow for the better. The doctor said for me to return tomorrow to continue the treatment. It is not bad as the needles are so fine, smaller than a human hair, that you barely feel anything.  I have to tell you about Carol, a young lady from Canada who has been the greates help around here. She does translation for me during the day and with the doctor and others. It really has been a lot easier with her here. Thanks Carol!

The classes are going on all around me tonight. I am resting tonight, but I have not been idle. I am reviewing some files for the new book “The Way to Become a Person in Heaven While Living.” All I can say is that it is a real eye opener. As soon as it is available I will tell you where to get it at.  Hugs, Joe

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