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Late Saturday Night – Param (The Wind)

     The HQ is on a plateau in a valley with the majestic Mount Gyeryong for a backdrop. The wind blows pretty often and the pine trees are twisted like giant bonsai trees. Every weekend people come in from all over Korea to meditate. Around dinner time between 500 and 1000 people come to meditate and be in this peaceful yet energy recharging place. Today was another homecoming for me because so many more people I know came in for the weekend. There were friends from New York and Atlanta as well as friends from here. My friends and the other s here for the weekend will leave sometime Sunday to go home. They just blow in and blow out like the wind so we call them param, the wind.

     It is time for the pear trees to be bagged and yesterday Rod went out to the orchards with other students and did just that. The Asian Pear grown here are wonderful and SO juicy, but they need to be protected from insects and birds. A yellow paper bag is placed over each individual fruit and tied on to the stem. The pear grows inside the bag and also never gets sunburned. This is what gives them their delicate golden color.

    When picking season begins later in the year there is always a bountiful harvest and the pears from the Nonsan valley are considered the best. I know because I ate 15 one day many years ago. See, when we picked them if they had a bad spot we could eat them. :D  I found 15 one day, haha.

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