Just for fun I have added a Recipe page!!! I start with two recipes I like. 
The first is a ultra simple way to make a basic cheese that is spreadable and versatile. I just started doing this and I make it up about every 2 or 3 days. Cheese here is expensive and rather bland unless you can get to Costco and buy the real stuff. This satisfies and is so versatile, plus it is impressive to be able to say: "This morning that cheese was milk!"
The other recipe is an old one I used in the states. It is a most ambitious recipe and also one that will spell bind your family and friends when you serve it. I call it Pancetta Covered Turkey. I created the recipe when I overheard a lady talking about covering her turkey with bacon. I tried one that way, but it was so strong a flavor that it killed the taste of the turkey. So I switched to the pancetta, added my own special touches and created the most moist and perfectly flavorful turkey you ever had! Follow the directions and you will find it is a massive hit!
Look for more as I get a chance to write them down. 

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