The newest book in English by Woo Myung is out! "The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living" is on its way to local centers and will soon be available on Amazon. Check the local center for availability.     If you don't already have "World Beyond World" then you can get it and read it while you are waiting for "The Way."
     To give you an idea of what we do here at the publishing company our day starts about 9:00am and continues all day until 1:00am or later. Every month the people here publish a magazine that is rated #1 best selling magazine here in Korea. It is a beautifully produced magazone in full color with absolutly gorgeous pictures in it. One of my goals here is to make something similar for Americans.
     Myung Po (my translator) and myself work at a seperate desk and our whole focus is the new book. She translates a few liines while I type and then we go over them to make them easily understanble and clear. Our goal is to make the meaning abundantly clear and it can get to be difficult.
     Yesterday we spent 45 minutes working on 4 lines or poetry making them simple and clear. A total of about 20-30 words that sum up the truth in the universe and why we must become it. You can understand why it takes so long to do a book of over 400 pages! And then the book is gone over with a fine tooth comb about 30 times more for mistakes and corrections.
     But if you guys will promise to read them it is worth it!, lol!
hugs, Joe

ps: next time i will talk about the saunas here. Incredible!!!!!

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