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Today i found a Twix candy bar and waited till after i paid for it to devour it. 
There is a God and He loves me!!!

Jung Un Song
6/23/2009 01:40:48 am

It's just a Twix .. :p

6/24/2009 08:06:18 pm

hi ~

nice to meet you ~~

i am so glad to together

thank you ~

6/27/2009 03:45:04 pm

i had ja jang myun yesterday too. i saw the video. isn't it amazing? well to me it hope to see more posts on your blog

7/6/2009 02:36:00 pm

Let Rod know that vegemite is on its my bag... courtesy of Taren.
He too may be saying there is a God on Saturday and with any luck Joe I will meet you too with another Twix Bar ;O) this Saturday 07/11/2009.

7/6/2009 02:37:32 pm

Joe there is a chance another Twix may appear before too long and Rod will receive vegemite from that same God - okay well courtesy of Taren - in the not too distant future.


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