Near the Nonsan Main Center is the city of Gongju. It is about 22 km northwest of the center and can easily be reached by a bus that stops near the center. I discovered the city in 2003 when I had to visit the dentist there. I would spend time when I had to wait for him in exploring the city.

The tombs there from King Myurong are wonderful and the city is full of museums and sightseeing parks and fantastic restaurants. 

This trip I visited the Forrest Museum in Gongju where there was everything you could want to know about the forest flora and fauna in Korea. In the children's room there was an interactive computer that would let you take a picture of yourself and then e-mail it. I took one and you can see it on the photos page.

I will post some more pictures of the museum as soon as I can process them. It was a fantastic place and I can't wait to go back in the spring or summer when the fo
3/3/2010 01:35:37 am

Ahh, that brings back wonderful memories!!


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