When I started doing the meditation 6 years ago my life was at the lowest point ever. I was miserable inside and made everyone around me miserable too. Friends kept begging me to do the meditation, and finally out of desperation I decided to try it.
     Unbelievable things happened to me. I was so ready to let go of everything that it went and released a ton of stuff from my mind. Very quickly I became someone that people wanted to be around because there was no more misery inside of me.
     The real reason to do the meditation is to become free of the false pictures of our life and return to the origin of everything. From there we can achieve completeness and live as one with the universe eternally.
     All I can tell you is that the day I started doing the meditation I felt the presence of the universe and the origin in my life. I felt l had a life again.  This feeling was so strong that I had to learn how to do this so I could give others what I had been given. It was not my gift to give away, but it was something I could help others achieve.
     So I went to Korea for 6 months and became a helper/guide. I am returning now to further my studies, to become a better helper/guide and assist in the publications of new books in English so that everyone in the world will have the opportunity to return to the origin.
     Over the next few months I will explain what is happening and where my studies will take me. If you have any questions you can always contact me and I will be happy to answer as best I can.
     Thanks again to everyone!

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