I just want to give you an idea of what it is like to be working in a place where everyone has done Maum Meditation.

Everymonth this group that i am working with produces a magazione of about 150 pages in addition to all the other publications for Maum Meditation. As you can imagine things get kinda hectic around the deadline date.

Yet I have never seen anyone getting stressed out, angry or upset with anyone. Everyone just works together with one mind to get the job done. If there is a mistake there is no whining, no arguing, no stressing out. Everyone just accepts things and keeps going. Myung Po and I sit here in the corner out of the way and work on the translations and anything thing else that needs to be done in English. Suddenly someone will bring a snack, fruit or a cookie, or a drink. The housekeeper will cook lunch and dinner, and afterwards one of us will get up and start washing dishes. If something drops on the floor, someone cleans it up, no questions asked, no complaints.

Can you imagine your work like this? Things would get done so much more effeciently when no one is blaming others for their mistakes, no one is complaining about things, and no one hesitates to help others.

I was just brought a cup of coffee (it is about 9:30am as I write this) and also a cup of juice so I would have something hot and something cold to drink. Everyone is thankful and happy to help. Everyone here has one mind about doing things. Everyone is just helping others with no selfishness. 

Wouldn't it be wonderfull if the whole world was like this?

8/19/2012 09:52:30 pm

Was led to Maum a month ago. Grateful and appreciative as it is my next step. Love to all


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