Friday June 5 
   Today I took another walk around the campus. I visited the old workshop area. We have a dye shop where we dye all natural fabric with organic dyes. The process takes hours because we use a special red clay for the dye. The clay is boiled to dissolve it in water. Then the fabric is soaked in the clay-water in a special machine that tumbles it every few seconds. After many hours of doing this the fabric is taken out and hung up to dry. 
    Then the sewing shop takes over and makes clothes, purses, slipcovers for mats and cushions. They also make curtains, table linens and many other things. All of this work is performed by volunteer students as part of the meditation process. 
    In the afternoon 5 students arrived from Australia. One has been here before and has come to do Level 3 while the other 4 are here for the first time to do Level 1. They came here after seeing how much the meditation changed their friend. Congratulations! 
     On Saturday we will be taking all the foreign students on a trip around the area. When we get back I will post pictures from the trip. 
      It is so wonderful to see so many foreigners here. Six years ago when I started I was the first and only foreigner here. It was difficult being here by myself with no one to talk to but the translator. But it was worth it to see all these changes to make foreigners welcome. Everyone can come here now and start doing the meditation.

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