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Today, January 2nd, 2014, marks the eleventh anniversary of my practicing Maum Meditation. It has been a journey that has taken me from a life in a self made hell of anxiety, fear, depression, worry, stress, and horror into a life that could only be described as heaven. It is now a life of love for others, joy, and peace without fear, stress, or illness and many other horrors of the old hell world.

Like all journeys there have been ups and downs, but anything worth having is worth working for. For the last eleven years I worked as a helper, guide, editor, counselor, and student. Every day has been a learning experience, and all of you have been my teachers, and I want to thank all of you.

When I began Maum Meditation I was in a severe depression and was not in good health. All of that changed practically overnight, and my life quickly got better. When you climb a mountain range there will be valleys between the mountains, and this journey has been no different. But the valleys were never lower that the plane on which I began, and now I have finished that journey and live on the highest plain, in heaven as one with the universe.

Where before I saw only enemies, now I only see friends, brothers and sisters. There used to be problems, but now there are only solutions. Where there used to be hesitation there is only action in a positive direction. Life used to be a struggle, now it is a joyful ride of freedom. I live a life that flows as the river flows, everything happens as it should and everything falls into place as it needs to be.

Over the years I have spoken to many of you about Maum Meditation, and again I want to urge all of you to come to the center and join me in this incredible life. What you have to lose is only things that are worthless and what you have to gain is more valuable than the rarest diamond, the most precious gold.

What has taken me years to attain can now be accomplished in about one year. The methods and instruction have been simplified and streamlined to make it very easy to do. When I began eleven years ago there was half of one sheet of paper in English. Now there are ten books and reams of notes to help you become a true child of the universe.

I have traveled the world thanks to Maum Meditation. I was always a country boy at heart, but now my country is that of the universe, and it is a very good country. Everyone is welcome and anyone can enter and become a citizen of this country. All it takes is a willingness to throw away the stuff in your life that has been making you miserable and sick. Is it really so much to ask that you get rid of the garbage and baggage in your life to live a life full of joy and happiness? Do you really want to keep living the life of pain and suffering? If you really look, honestly look at your life now can you really say that there is nothing you would change about it?

I live in South Korea now, but you don’t have to in order to do this meditation. As the first westerner to fully practice Maum Meditation I dedicated my life to bringing this to others. I can no longer teach, but I stay here at the main center to help all those who come here from other countries attain their goal of becoming the Truth. So many of you have come here and I sincerely hope that  I was able to help you in your journey. So many more of you will come here sooner or later, or maybe you will meet one of the students that I have been fortunate enough to help in some small way. To you who will come I hope that I may help you also.

To all of you, those who practice Maum Meditation and those who do not; to all of you I say thank you for letting me help, for listening to me, and for supporting me, and encouraging me in this journey to the Truth. Please, hurry and join me and the thousands more that live this life of joy and happiness in heaven. No one knows how long they will live, no one knows when this life will stop. Hurry, do not wait any longer, all you have to lose is your suffering and pain. All you have to gain is the Eternal Universe.

I have entered a cooking contest for foreigners only here in South Korea. Sponsered by WWOOF Korea, a natural and  organic food organization, it will take place Oct. 3rd in Namyangju, about an hour east of Seoul. I will be making my Dry Rub Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin with a Peach Sauce and Aioli Home Fries. There will be 30 contestants from all over the world. I will be posting the recipes soon. For now here is a picture for you to drool over!
Onboard the Ocean Flower ferry headed for Hitakatsu, Tsushima Island, Japan. It's been raining so it might be a rough ride today. But they let me sit in Business class so it is more comfortable. And almost empty too!
Here I go to Japan again! Really to Tsushima Island. Riding the KTX train, South Korea's highspeed train. The countryside is so beautiful! Spending the night in Busan, the a hydrofoil ferry in the morning.
Living near the mountain and the temple means every weekend hikers come from all over the country. They stop at the temple sometimes and take pictures and make prayers. Today it is cold and foggy, so everyone is moving quickly trying to stay warm!
I am beta testing a new mobile app for Webbly, the host for my blogsite. Hopefully I can post a lot more now. Hugs to all!
In all the excitement of the move and reopening the Breakfast Bar, I completely forgot to officially welcome my Great Niece Amber to South Korea! Not only is she my great niece, but she is also my niece who is Great!!

Amber came to  South Korea March 25 to teach English in a school in Daejeon, across the mountain and about an hour drive from where I live.

I met her at the airport and we spent the night in Bupyeong in Incheon. The next morning we took the bus down to Daejeon and her school picked us up and showed us around the place. She has a really nice school and the people she works with were very nice to us.

All in all, I think she likes it here. Once she gets settled in we'll do some sight seeing around the area. Although she seems to be doing pretty good in that department anyway!

Here it is, the big announcement that I promised. This is proof that the Universe will take care of you if you let it.

I moved out of the Translation Center last month and into a small apartment. The result of this is that I was no longer able to support the Breakfast Bar, and it was in danger of closing down. Last Thursday I received an email from a student asking if I had a Paypal account. I gave them the details of the account and thought no more about it. 

Then Friday morning money began arriving in my account from all over the world! It seems that some students who had been to the Main HQ in the past had heard of the situation and, knowing how important the Breakfast Bar is to the students here, gathered together to donate money to support us! The goal was to raise enough money to cover the basic needs for a year, $300 a month or $3600 total. So far the donations have reached $1100 and more is coming. It may not seem like much, but that amount will keep the Breakfast Bar open for another three months.

It means so much to the students here that they all want to send a big Thank You to everyone involved with this project. When someone comes here for the first time they are usually overwhelmed with the cultural and societal differences that it makes staying here difficult. This little Breakfast Bar makes them comfortable and gives them a fellowship with the other students here. The people in our new support group know this because they have been here themselves, and they want to help the students here on their journey to the Truth. 

If you would like to help the students be a little bit more comfortable and stay here longer then you can make donations at anytime by clicking on the “Donate” button in the right column. Please make a note that the donation is for the Breakfast Bar so we can keep track of it. Thank you to all who are participating in this and I will keep you all updated as things progress.
     When I came to Korea 10 years ago I visited many cities around the country. Out of all the places I went to, the one I loved the most was Gongju. Located just west of the north end of the Gyeryong Mountain range, the city was one of the capitols of the Baekje kingdom, and has many historical sites from that time period.

     The Baekje kingdom was part of the Three Kingdoms period, when the Baekje, Shilla, and Goryo Kingdoms ruled the peninsula. Baekje was a kingdom of great culture and entertained emissaries from all over Asia, possibly as from as far away as Africa. Baekje also had close ties with Japan, and one of the royal family was a mother of an early Japanese emperor. 

     Anyway, I fell in love with the city and the Baekje culture, and always hoped that one day I would live in Gongju. Well, after 10 years I finally got my wish.

     Three weeks ago I moved into a new apartment located within the Gongju city limits. Near the Shinwonsa Temple complex, I am, technically, living in Gongju by about 200 meters! 

     I have a small apartment that is all I need with 2 rooms , a small kitchen and a bathroom. Total space is about 230 sq ft. It is in a house in a small community located at the base of Mt. Gyeryong near the entrance to Shinwonsa Temple. In front of the house is a little stream with an iron suspension bridge across it. I am the only foreigner living in this community and everyone has been so nice to me and check on me regularly.

     I also have some more news! As of March 15 I am officially a member of Saedongnae! This is the group in Maum Meditation that operates all the farms, concessions and services we have here at the main center. Technically I have always been a member of Saedongnae, but under the auspices of the publishing company. Since I live at the main center now it just makes sense that I move into the main body of the group. As a foreigner I have different needs from the natives, and there was always a lot of confusion as to who was responsible for some of them. With this move there will be a lot less confusion in those matters.

     As soon as I can get everything unpacked and set up I will post some pictures of the new place and my neighborhood. Right now we are still in the winter foliage (or lack thereof) and it's pretty drab around here. But soon the leaves and greenery will all be out and it will be so beautiful!
Had several requests for the pancake recipe I use, so here it is in all its buttermilk glory!!